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View Medical Technology

View Medical is the most recent technology spin-out from Palmetto Biomedical.  View Medical has partnered with BihlerMED to develop and manufacture the device.  The device is currently for sale via BihlerMED at

Clinical Problem

While ceiling mounted overhead lights provide broad general illumination of the surgical field, they often provide inadequate lighting in deep cavities due to shadowing or the challenging angles experienced during open procedures. Often, the only lighting alternatives are headlights, which are used during most surgical cases. Though they can provide good, focused lighting, they are associated with a negative user experience. Discomfort and headaches are commonly reported, and a journal study documents surgeon worry over permanent neck strain from extended use. This problem is equally profound in the veterinary market, where most practitioners don't have access to headlights because of the high cost.


View Medical's SurgiLight provides surgeons with highly focused, yet flexible and adjustable LED lighting without the burdens of headlights. Attaching to the handle on the overhead light or to the surgical table, it features a thin but bendable cable that extends down towards the cavity. At the tip there is a focusable LED bulb that provides the surgeon with a bright and localized light without the burden of wearing a cumbersome device on their head.


To guarantee sterility in the surgical field, a custom disposable and sterile slim fitting sleeve/handle has been developed to cover the SurgiLight. The sleeve also presents a unique opportunity for a continuous revenue stream. 


Market Opportunity

In the United States, there are over 44,000 operating rooms and over 50 million surgical procedures performed every year. Of these procedures, over 5 million are of the deep cavity type that we are targeting first, through use can easily extend to other procedures. As a result, we have a total addressable market of $88 million for the SurgiLight and $25 million annually for the sleeve. In the United States, almost $100 million is spent on surgical lighting every year. 


Intellectual Property

A provisional U.S. patent application was filed in February of 2013, and Utility and International (PCT) applications were filed in February 2014. Patents are not active.  A design patent has issued (USD841209S1)


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